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In 2013, We Delivered 27 Penny Stock Alerts That Rose More Than 100%, And 6 Alerts That Rose Above 200%!
Our Search For Ongoing Penny Stock Promotions Weed Out The Ones That Aren't Investing Heavily In Advertising Programs. This Gives a Penny Stock The Stability For Sustained Movement.
We Know How To Filter The Promotions That Are Short Lived & Dying Out So You Don't Get Stuck Carrying The Coattails Of Other Winners
Penny stocks move rapidly with momentum. Rumors of an impending penny stock breakout can happen overnight. We scour the blogs and chat rooms for what's hot and alert you to penny stocks before they hit the mainstream.
We handpick our alerts and send you a complete report coupled with recent news, chart analysis along with the company's ongoing productions and projects for you to make a clear and concise decision
Be First To Know When a Penny Stock Is On The Rise
Our Last Alert Returned 73% - YOUR First Alert Could Be Tomorrow
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How can you be prepared to make DOUBLE AND TRIPLE DIGIT RETURNS with the newsletter?

As soon as a penny stock is worthy of your attention, we monitor the stock and alert you about a day in advance that we are releasing a new pick.

This should give you ample time to prepare your platforms and get ready for our alert. You won’t be scrambling last minute to have your platforms up and ready.

What time do we send out the alert?

Our alert is typically sent out post market between 6 to 10 pm EST or at 9:30 am EST. You will be notified when it will be sent out with a reminder that a new alert is coming out, and what time it is coming.

A penny stock may be thinly traded, and if market makers saw too many orders coming in they may adjust the bid and ask higher causing traders to make less profit. That is why some of our alerts will go out at 9:30 am EST.

Be First To Know When a Penny Stock Is On The Rise
Our Last Alert Returned 73% - YOUR First Alert Could Be Tomorrow
Your email address will be kept private

What are the pitfalls of penny stocks? What can make you stand out and use penny stocks to rake in those 100’s of percent gains that are seen daily in the penny stock market?

There are over 5000 stocks trading under $1. Some of the major pitfalls of penny stocks are getting stuck with a position that is difficult to unload. This means that the penny stock is traded with little volume and if you were to try and sell it, the market makers will screw you, and place their bid far from current market price.

This is why we are major believers in getting involved with penny stocks that have a lot of hype surrounding them. This way the volume is high, interest is there, and trading it becomes a breeze.

How is it possible to identify, out of over 5,000 penny stocks, the ones that have the potential to make 100’s of % in gains in just a matter of days, and sometimes, hours?

If you want to join the elite club of people that are making a fortune and making hundreds of percent by trading penny stocks, you have to be in a position to identify the latest penny stock craze.

For many people penny stocks are risky business and it is unwise for them to get in, and even attempt to become part of this elite group of people. If everyone was able to do it, it wouldn’t be the playground of the few, and we would hear of new penny stock millionaires daily.

What is the solution to identifying the exact penny stock or stocks that are poised to break out and become the new multi bagger?

There are several reasons penny stocks will explode. Some of the more identifiable are:

The worse thing that can happen to someone trading penny stocks is that they end up buying right at the peak of the stampede when everyone has already made their profit and are selling. It is imperative to be one of the first to recognize the trend.

At stocks gone wild we are always on the lookout for penny stocks that are ready to go. We scour the forums, listen to the rumors and follow all the promotions to see which penny stocks are potentially ready to rally.

Be First To Know When a Penny Stock Is On The Rise
Our Last Alert Returned 73% - YOUR First Alert Could Be Tomorrow
Your email address will be kept private


We search earnings calendar, clinical trial dates, buyout rumors, promotion campaigns, paid advertisements, chat rooms, forums and blogs

2.Find a match

A penny stock worthy of your attention and further research is found

3.Pre alert email

We immediately send you an email with the time and date we intend to send our full report

4.Alert sent

We send our pick to your email along with technical analysis, recent breaking news, company profile, products and innovations

5.Are you ready to trade?

It is time for you to complete your due diligence, trade and make money!